September 25, 2020


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Australia Faces Recession Even As It Prepares To Reopen Economy

In its annual statement on monetary policy the Reserve, on Friday Bank of Australia (RBA) prediction the two trillion Australian dollar ($1.3 trillion) market would shrink by 10 percent in the first half of this year, signaling the first downturn in 30 decades.

The RBA stated time and the rate of economic recovery are very uncertain.

We can’t allow our fear of moving backward from stopping us from moving forward.

Here is the strategy to get a COVID-safe Australia, he said holding up a Flyer using all the 3 measures.

This may get us into  where we will need to be quickly as we could.

The baseline situation for unemployment of the RBA And inflation to undershoot its percent goal.

Some economists said the GDP forecast for a 2021 rally of the RBA is optimistic.

We wonder exactly what the new normal’ post-COVID-19 resembles, for example more permanent changes in saving and expenditure.